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Quite A Box Of Tricks:

Quite A Box Of Tricks is a plug-in for Adobe’s Acrobat from Quite Software.

The aim of Quite A Box Of Tricks is to make easy commonly needed PDF functions that were difficult, time consuming, expensive, or just impossible. The functions come under five heading: shrink, colour, transform, fields, and info. The plug-in is extremely easy to use, but also comes with a 48 page online guide to give extra insight into PDF and get the most out of the plug-in.

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  • Subsample and/or recompress images without any need to redistill.
  • Can produce dramatic space savings.
  • Ideal for web page preparation, proofing, or fixing bad distiller settings.
  • Offers "JPEG extra", stronger compression than Distiller will allow.
  • Easy access to compression settings through named profiles.
  • See the results immediately - if you compress too much just hit Restore and try again with different settings.


  • Convert any PDF file to CMYK by converting all RGB and Lab data to CMYK.
  • Optionally convert all spot plates to process (CMYK).
  • Use ICC profiles for precise, accurate colour conversion. for precise, accurate colour conversion.
  • Convert to greyscale, or all text to black.


  • Choose a minimum line thickness to make "hairlines" print on high res devices - fix an entire file at once.
  • Scale pages.
  • Free rotate by any angle.
  • Mirror pages e.g. for film or for fabric transfers.


  • Combine form fields into document so they cannot be modified or lost.
  • Remove all form fields to shrink files.
  • Make annotations a part of the document, or remove them all.


  • Get information on text and images in a PDF file.
  • For text, shows the exact font used, and whether it is embedded and/or subsetted.
  • For images, shows exact dimensions, how well it compressed, JPEG method, DPI, and more.
  • Search document for the largest images or for RGB image to identify troublespots.
  • Shrink or recompress individual images.
  • Identify not only the JPEG method but the version of Distiller used to compress.


Starting with release 1.2b, Quite A Box Of Tricks can be automated using the third party plug-in pdfBatchProcess Pro, sold by callas software as part of pdfToolbox.

Starting with release 1.5, Quite A Box Of Tricks can work with the new "Batch Sequences" feature of Acrobat 5, without additional software (provided you have Acrobat 5, or 6/7 Professional, not 6/7 Standard). For details see the on-line guide. Note: in Acrobat X (10.0) and XI (11.0) Batch Sequences are called Actions