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Quite A Box Of Tricks:

Our experience suggests that Quite A Box Of Tricks is both reliable and easy to learn and to use. However, as with all software, there is the possibility of problems. The current version is 1.8i (Nov 2014), a free upgrade for all users.

If you do find you need help, we want to help you receive it promptly. Try these sources:

  1. Check the manuals. These are designed to answer your questions.
  2. Check the list of known problems with Quite A Box Of Tricks.
  3. If you purchased Quite A Box Of Tricks from a reseller, they should be able to offer first level technical support. For foreign language versions, please contact the reseller from whom you purchased for technical help.
  4. Contact Quite Software, preferably by e-mail to help@quite.com. Other contact details are available, but we do not guarantee to be able to offer instant support by telephone.
  5. See also Acrobat information.

Even if you are evaluating the demo version of the software, we want to hear if you are having problems or find bugs. If people don't report problems, they don't get fixed!