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Quite A Box Of Tricks for Windows

You can download and use Quite A Box Of Tricks. This is the full software, but it will work for you in a demonstration mode. The main effect of this is that all your pages will be marked with a large X. Take care not to save over, and ruin, your original files. Note that if you already have a license, this demo will automatically be fully licensed.

  • Quite A Box Of Tricks for Windows - qbox180.exe (496,128 bytes). Version 1.8i, uploaded 12 Nov 2014

This file contains the plug-in and an online guide, with an installer which will copy both files to the Acrobat plug_ins folder.

If you have previously purchased or downloaded any earlier version, you can install this new version over the top of the old; licensing information is preserved. Please note that the online guide is still for version 1.2, since it is still valid.


If you have problems following any part of these instructions, please contact us before you start.

1. Make sure you have what you need

You should have installed the full commercial Acrobat package (7.x to 11.x) on a suitable version of Windows. Make sure Acrobat is not running.

2. Download the installer

Download the file above. It is an installer. You can either allow your browser to run it, or you can save the file and run it later. If you save the file, make a note of where you download it to. Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer may report that the file downloaded has no signature. This is normal and can be ignored.

3. Run the installer

If the browser did not already run the installer, locate the icon and double click it. The installer will normally find your Acrobat plug-ins folder and invite you to install the software. It may need help if you have more than one copy of Acrobat installed. The installer will ask you if you want to start Acrobat.

4. Start Acrobat

If all is well, you will now have a new menu item Plug-ins > Quite A Box Of Tricks, and a new i icon with an arrow on your toolbar (You may need to use View > Toolbars > Advanced editing to see this, or use Quick Tools in Acrobat X). Select either one and you should see a window About Quite A Box Of Tricks. Click Run Demo to start working, or click Guide to start reading the online guide.

Manual installation (advanced users)

If you prefer not to run an EXE file, advanced users may like to note that the installer is also a valid ZIP file. The file can be renamed as a ZIP file and opened in WINZIP. The Quite A Box Of Tricks download contains the files qbox32.api and qbox32.pdf. Before you can use this download you must extract these two files. They must be placed in the Acrobat plug-ins folder.

Removing the plug-in

If you decide you want to remove the plug-in, you just need to remove the plug-in. You can use the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, where the plug-in name will appear.

To remove earlier versions, or to remove manually, use Help > About Plug-ins > Quite A Box Of Tricks and click the More button; the plug-in will tell you what files are to be removed to uninstall itself. Acrobat must not be running when you remove the files. The plug-in also creates a folder Quite within the plug-ins folder. If you are not using any other Quite Software plug-ins, the Quite folder can now be deleted too.

Upgrading between Acrobat versions

When you install a new version of Acrobat, the location of plug-ins will be different, and you need to reinstall.