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Security and Quite Direct

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Are my credit card details safe?

Many users of the internet are concerned about the security of their credit card numbers on the internet. So, we called in the experts. WorldPay are specialists in credit card transactions on the internet, working in association with the UK's NatWest bank. WorldPay will be processing your credit card from their secure servers. Your credit card details will not be visible to anyone else, not even the staff of Quite Software.

What happens if I lose my connection?

We have worked to reduce the chances of problems caused by a loss of connection. You will not be downloading software - you should have already done that before starting. Instead you will be buying an electronic license, the details of which will be e-mailed to you. No charge will be made on your credit card until you have entered your full details, and confirmed them on a second page. You cannot be charged before you have confirmed your credit card details, so if anything goes wrong before that point, you may simply start again. As soon as WorldPay has checked with your bank, the message will be e-mailed.

What if I don't get the e-mail?

Both Quite Software and WorldPay keep automated records of transactions, so we will be able to verify whether your card was accepted, and forward any necessary details. E-mail usually arrives within a few minutes, but the internet can impose delays which are not under our control, potentially taking several hours.

What about proof of purchase and an invoice?

Many people use the e-mail we send as proof of purchase. We recommend printing a copy for your records. We are also happy to send a license certificate and/or a printed invoice for the amount you have paid. If you require either one, please send an e-mail to sales@quite.com, giving the reference number for your order.

Can I buy some other way?

Certainly. Please see our list of resellers, to find someone near you.

Will I be entitled to technical support?

Yes, you will be able to get e-mail based technical support direct from Quite Software. E-mail help@quite.com with any questions or problems you may have, including questions about this purchase.