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Acrobat 7.0

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Acrobat 7.0 support information

Why you will need to update on the MacIntosh

Adobe's Developer Evangelist, Lori DeFurio explains:

With the announcement of Acrobat 7 on November 15th (2004), many developers and customers have been asking me about plug-in support for the Macintosh platform.

Apple Computer has strongly recommended that all product development be done under Mach-O, instead of the older, deprecated PEF platform. As a result, and because continuing to support PEF means that Adobe would have to write substantial bridge code, Adobe has opted to move Acrobat to a fully compliant Mach-O application.

This allows our developers and customers a forward-looking perspective on the technology, allowing plug-ins to have maximum compatibility with future versions of the Apple OS X.

So, for plug-in developers, this will require an update to their existing Acrobat tools and solutions. Developers that have been participating in the pre-release program have had access to documentation and samples to help with this transition and are actively working on updating their offerings.

Thank you for your continued support,

Lori DeFurio
Developer Evangelist
Adobe Systems Incorporated