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Acrobat 8.0 support information

Information updated 9 November, 2006

What is Acrobat 8.0?

Acrobat 8.0 was an upgrade to Adobe's Acrobat software. It was announced in mid-September 2006. It was first available for purchase by download on 1 November 2006. There are more details on Adobe's site. Quite Software has worked extensively with Adobe to make sure that our products are made compatible.

Will Quite plug-ins work with Acrobat 8.0?

ABSOLUTELY! Updates of all our Acrobat plug-ins are now available.

If you are using a Macintosh, because of changes made by Adobe to support Intel Macintosh computers, you will DEFINITELY need to upgrade your software (see below for links to our updated, Acrobat 8 compatible plug-ins)

On Windows, Adobe did not make the same changes, and existing plug-ins will load. However, we recommend updating to new versions (see Known Issues,below) because there are some incompatibilities.

Where can I get updates?

Quite released updates on 8 November 2006 – just a week after the release of Acrobat 8, which may be a new record! The versions needed for Acrobat 8.0 support are The Macintosh versions are "Universal binary" so they will run on both the new Intel Macintosh computers as well as any older model compatible with a suitable version of Acrobat.

Known Issues

In Windows, customers running older versions of plug-ins with Acrobat 8.0 may encounter the following issues:
  1. Warnings that product was not tested with new version of PDF.
  2. Dialogs may display incorrectly, e.g. behind a window
  3. Windows opened by Quite Revealing may be sized wrongly. When running the new plug-ins in Acrobat 8, you may see an error message in the system console.log file. This can be ignored. It happens because our installers copy plug-ins for all the versions of Acrobat, and Acrobat now issues an error message when it sees the Acrobat 7 plug-in. The Acrobat 8 plug-in is loaded as normal.