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Acrobat 9.0 support information

Information updated 21 July, 2008

What is Acrobat 9.0?

Acrobat 9.0 is the latest version of Adobe's Acrobat software. It was announced in June 2008. It was first available for purchase by download at the end of June 2008. There are more details on Adobe's site. Quite Software has worked extensively with Adobe to make sure that our products are made compatible.

Will Quite plug-ins work with Acrobat 9.0?

There are some issues, but new releases are now available to deal with all the serious issues.

What are the issues?

The following issues have been identified with our plug-ins:
  • Quite Imposing/Plus 2.x in Windows only: Acrobat may hang on opening a new document, or show a blank document. This can happen after using the following: shuffle assistant; shuffle preview; choose crop mark style.
  • Quite Imposing/Plus 2.x in Macintosh only: when a document is closed with Command+W, most of the buttons in the QI control panel may be greyed out, even though another suitable document is open.
  • Quite A Box Of Tricks, Quite Revealing: need to be updated to support certain new information found in geographic PDFs made in Acrobat 9.

Where can I get updates?

You can download Quite Imposing and Quite Imposing Plus 2.9 from our download page. This is a free update for purchasers of version 2.0 and above. Updates to Quite A Box Of Tricks and Quite Revealing are not considered urgent and the current version, 1.8, may be used without concern.