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"Unidentified developer" in Mac OS X

In Mac OS X 10.8 and later, you may get an error message like this when youi try to install Quite products:

This does not mean there is something wrong, but comes from Apple's default security settings.

Solving the problem for the current file

To install the software, the simplest way is to Ctrl+click or right click on the Install Quite Plug-ins file. A menu will appear. Choose Open.

You will now get the similar (but different) message

First check, where the download is from. We've highlighted it with a red box in this screen shot. It should be from www.quite.com or downloads.quite.com, or a reseller that you trust. We have not given any "free download" sites permission to use our installer, and we recommend that if you are not sure of the download that you choose Cancel, unmount the install image, and download again. For the English language version use the link at the top of our web site.

If the download is trusted, click Open to continue.

Turning the option off permanently

You can turn this option off permanently in systems up to Mac OS 10.11. We do not recommend it unless you are quite sure of the security implications. This is done using the Security section of the System Preferences app. You can choose "Anywhere" as shown in this screen shot. Starting with Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) this message can no longer be turned off.