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Why upgrade to Quite Hot Imposing 5.0?

All the new power tools from Quite Imposing Plus 5.0

Many new features, here are some highlights for power users.
  • NEW! Variable data merge Tech sheet
  • NEW! Automation sequences can do "partials" to split jobs, or process parts separately. Results can be merged or left separate. Quite Hot Imposing users can split output into an unlimited number of separate files. Tech sheet 1 - Tech sheet 2.
  • NEW! Enfocus Switch users with Quite Hot Imposing can pass metadata from flows for use in conditions or page text, also automatically remove the prefix from file name references.
  • FASTER!Manual Imposition: performance greatly improved for some large files
  • NEW! Conditions in automation sequences allow more flexibility e.g. different jobs based on page count, page sizes or metadata (such as filename or keywords)
  • NEW! Conditions can issue an error or warning message, and stop a job if there is a problem such as wrong page size or count
  • NEW! Enhancements to N-Up, Creep, Trim & Shift.
More details on Quite Imposing Plus 5.0: What's new - release notes and manual - movie.

How do I try?

Quite Hot Imposing 5.0 is now released. Please email sales@quite.com for a trial license, letting us know your company name, and whether you need Mac or Windows. A migration guide is available.