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Quite Imposing Plus 5 Upgrade info

Here are the features which are new Quite Imposing Plus 5. As well as support for macOS Catalina there are many new features.
You can buy an upgrade from our web store or from our resellers.

What's in the Quite Imposing Plus 5 upgrade?

Quite Imposing Plus 5 is the latest version of the industry’s favourite imposition plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, fully compatible with the new Acrobat DC/XI/X/9. We have listened to our customers and their wish lists, and added features that will let you do more, and work quicker. Upgrading should be pain free, as you can run old and new plug-ins side by side, and Quite Imposing Plus 5 imports all your settings from the old software.
  • Variable data merge: using a CSV or TXT file, add text blocks or pictures to many PDF pages. Work with a master document (mail merge) or add to an existing document (stamping). Tech sheet.
  • Supports in macOS 10.15 "Catalina", while still running in Windows, older macOS systems. Plug-in runs in Acrobat 9, X, XI, DC, 2015 and 2017.
  • Automation sequences can do "partials" to split jobs, or process parts separately. Results can be merged or left separate. Quite Hot Imposing users can split output into an unlimited number of separate files. Tech sheet 1 - Tech sheet 2.
  • Customize control panel: add new panels, add sequences.
  • N-Up can flow backs from right to left, for easier layout, especially of ad hoc jobs
  • Creep can use scaling instead of shift, so that no content is lost
  • Page monitor to show live info including page size and bleed info for open document
  • Manual Imposition: performance greatly improved for some large files
  • Trim & Shift - add or crop all four edges by a fixed amount
  • Conditions in automation sequences allow more flexibility e.g. different jobs based on page count, page sizes or metadata (such as filename or keywords)
  • Enfocus Switch users with Quite Hot Imposing can pass metadata from flows for use in conditions or page text, also automatically remove the prefix from file name references. Tech sheet
  • Import sequences or steps from other sequences or XML files. Filter sequences by name
  • Conditions can issue an error or warning message, and stop a job if there is a problem such as wrong page size or count