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Quite Revealing: Overview

Latest version: 1.8i (Nov 2014)

Quite Revealing is a plug-in for Adobe’s Acrobat from Quite Software, for Macintosh (including Mac OS X) and Windows, working with Acrobat 7 through 11 ("XI").

Extremely easy to use, Quite Revealing is designed for pre-press professionals, and those producing files for press use (much as we hate to admit it, if you don't work in design for press, or pre-press, or don't know what pre-press is, this plug-in probably won't help you).

It aims to show information that is otherwise difficult to find about a PDF document. Information like the plates used, exactly where fonts are used, transparency, overprinting and more. This information is often difficult to find when your preflight tools have produced a report that tells you what is wrong with the file but not where. That's where Quite Revealing comes in.

But Quite Revealing goes further than that. It can also fix some of the more awkward problems that can arise - like differently named spot plates, unwelcome transfer functions, or ICC profiles that don't belong.
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