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Quite Suites

We bring you 2 new ways to buy your much needed Quite products.

QUITE SUITE 1 logo Quite Suite 1
To make it easier for you buy Quite a Box of Tricks AND Quite Revealing, we have put them together into one package called Quite Suite 1. Both are extremely easy to use,and between them, they cover many difficult PDF tasks. Here are just some of the features to help you change and solve problems within PDF files.

  • Conversion to CMYK or greyscale,
  • Shrinking images to reduce PDF file size,
  • Thickening "hairlines", transformations, integrating form fields with documents,
  • All text to black, and detailed info on text and images.
  • Find what plates are used,
  • Locate transparency, overprinting and more.
  • Find exactly where fonts are used,
  • Deal professionally with differently named spot plates, unwelcome transfer functions, or ICC profiles that don't belong.

    For more detailed information on both products see their product pages Quite a Box of Tricks and Quite Revealing

    QUITE SUITE 2 logo Quite Suite 2
    Combines Quite a Box of Tricks and Quite Revealing and adds the power of Quite Imposing PLUS. So not only can you change, find and fix problem elements but you can now also create simple booklets or arrange complex imposition layouts from any PDF file and all without leaving Acrobat!

    For more detailed information on imposition and what you can do see Quite Imposing Plus.

    Quite Suite 3
    A useful pairing of Quite HOT Imposing with Quite Imposing Plus in a special value for money pack. Work with your existing XML setups and transfer them easily to the standalone environment.

    For information on buying the Suites including prices, please click here or use the link from the sidebar to the left.